Hey, I'm John Saveland.

And here's a little bit about me:

I advise on social media and search/SEO campaigns for film studios, advocacy groups, and progressive candidates. By day I run digital outreach for a Los Angeles nonprofit.

During the 2018 election cycle, I created and launched Google search and social media advertising for progressive candidates running for local office (State Senate, State Assembly, County Board of Education) in five races, from Florida and Tennessee to Indiana and Montana. Let me know how I can help you!

My Experience

Career - Current


Digital Communications Lead
  • Ideate, plan and execute entire organic and paid social media communications plan for CicLAvia.
  • Construct ads for Google Ads Grants to maximize our impact against strict non-profit guidelines and direct more actionable users to our web page.
  • Build reports and full analysis of social engagement, website traffic & user behavior, and email campaign responsiveness to measure how effectively and efficiently we're reaching our audiences.

Forrest Films

Social Media Consultant
  • Create paid social strategy for full slate of Forrest Films: building audiences, guiding creative development, and outlining calendar and media spend
  • Activating social ads in Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Reddit, et al, via in-platform ads managers
  • Report and analyze all social data, gleaning insights into performance that can be delivered to client in a clear narrative of how audiences are behaving, how we’re hitting our KPIs and what those numbers mean, and how we can better mold remaining and future campaigns.

Career - Past

Media Storm

Director, Social Media and Search
  • Head of paid social marketing for Aviron Pictures - led strategy, creative content, audience targeting, execution, and analysis / optimization for all film campaigns.
  • Oversaw all paid search (SEO/AdWords) campaigns.
  • Guided the paid and organic social media calendar (strategy and tactics) for a wide slate of films, highlighting opportunities around events that our content should capitalize on, and breaking down how to appeal to distinct audiences in different ways .
  • Worked directly within each platform’s API (FB/IG, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Search) to create, execute, and optimize campaigns manually.

Maxus Global | GroupM

Associate Director, Social Media
  • Created and implemented digital campaign strategies for full slate of Universal titles. I oversaw them throughout execution and consistently evaluated and interpreted large data sets in order to build insights and ultimately improve performance.
  • Drew from new and existing information sources (CRM data, conversation monitoring, interest targeting) to optimize studio's content in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat, and other social media channels.
  • Pinpointed most cost-effective keywords and search terms to reach broadest segment of potential consumers at lowest cost. I built a narrative of Google traffic by interpreting data insights within search.
  • Devised A/B testing and conversion tracking strategies to directly measure performance of each campaign variable. I used this research to create a comprehensive digital map of the audience and better target consumers.

RAND Corporation

Social Media Manager & Digital Analyst
  • Disseminated public policy research, briefs, external publications, op-eds and commentaries via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+
  • Consulted and directed social media execution among over a hundred RAND researchers in the Twitter Program
  • Performed social listening of issues RAND informs to gauge data's impact on broader online dialogue and measure researchers' media reach
  • Tracked key news & policy topics (including military, international relations, healthcare, economics, network security, education and climate change); utilized library of research to inform conversations across social media channels

Starlight Children's Foundation

Social Media Manager
  • Led the digital presence of Starlight's Global Brand team to drive issue awareness and increase base of supporters and donors
  • Directed social media fundraising and branding campaigns from conception through execution; built the content calendar for all social channels, wrote content and utilized photo and graphical assetss
  • Conducted extensive keyword research to optimize Google rankings of website and AdWords ad content; implemented effective SEO techniques to increase rate of impressions, click-throughs and conversions
  • Engaged corporate partners to maximize fundraising campaigns and burnish their social responsibility; collaborated with external digital teams to form mutually beneficial strategies within branding constraints

Universal Pictures

National Publicity Coordinator
  • Built and executed marketing / recruitment strategy for corporate-wide Comcast Cares Day event; authored collateral that effectively doubled staff participation; expanded presence on numerous social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+) for Universal Parks & Resorts, NBC Entertainment, Universal Pictures, and several cable properties including E! Entertainment

Volunteer Work

Portraits of Hope

Organic Social Media Guidance
  • Create social media content, drawing from extensive image library, to promote organization’s artwork on Los Angeles landmarks and in community centers to a wider organic audience.
  • Consult on events they want to highlight and how they can raise awareness of current work at the LA Convention Center.

Get Her Elected

Social Media Marketing & SEO
  • I ran social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and Google search campaigns for five separate down-ballot candidates (in Indiana, Maryland, Florida, Montana, and Tennessee) who were running for state assembly, school board, and state senate elections during the 2018 midterms.
  • Given restrictions in geography and funding, maximize cost efficiency and tested multiple styles of messaging to best introduce candidates to the public and motivate people to go to the polls.
  • I continue to help candidates in local / state races as they compete in ‘off-season’ elections, with organic social media content, search ad creation / execution, and paid digital marketing efforts.

Los Angeles Forward

Social Media Content
  • Manage social media channels, using platform to highlight key progressive policy issues facing the City of Los Angeles and to push dynamic content that keeps audiences engaged.
  • Write and edit email campaigns (using ActionNetwork, NationBuilder, EveryAction, et al) to reach local residents and encourage them to take action on key policy issues, helping them bring their viewpoints and voices to Los Angeles lawmakers.

Newport / Mesa ProLiteracy

Google Grants and SEO/SEM
  • Advised on Google Ads (using the Google Ad Grants funding) and organic social media strategy to expand awareness for the public library’s literacy programs and recruit volunteers.
  • Consulted on updates to the website language and meta-description keywords to improve search quality and make Google ads spend more efficiently.
  • .

Lion's Heart Teen Volunteers

Google Ad Grants
  • I worked with ad copy, keyword selection, ad group optimization, and SEO to improve the Google AdWords / AdGrants strategy for Lion's Heart (a nonprofit helping teens volunteer for causes), within the CPC and placement constraints in the AdGrants program.
  • I helped max out their daily spending – effectively doubling their past performance, increased site visits & conversions (sign-ups), improved their search ranking to place more ads on the first results page, and helped them qualify them for GrantsPro.

Pathways LA

Social Media Strategy
  • Strategized Pathways’ social media blueprint to better engage with childcare service providers, eligible working parents, and nonprofits; aim to surpass fundraising goals via increased visibility.
  • Improved SEO and track web analytics with Hootsuite, Google Analytics, Followerwonk, Iconosquare, and other apps to display metrics, improve online content accordingly.

Para Sus Niños – International Adoption Service

Website Design and Email Marketing
  • Wrote and designed branding materials to attract corporate donors; coded HTML emails and maintain WordPress site to ensure productive contact with volunteers and community partners.