Hey, I'm John Saveland.

And here's a little bit about me:

I advise on social media and search/SEO campaigns for non-profit organizations, advocacy groups, and progressive candidates (both paid and organic). Social outreach can raise awareness, change minds, and get people to the polls.

During the 2018 election cycle, I created and launched Google search and social media advertising for progressive candidates running for local office (State Senate, State Assembly, County Board of Education) in five races, from Florida and Tennessee to Indiana and Montana. Let me know how I can help you.

My Projects

Marshall: Social Media Marketing

I created, executed, optimized and analyzed the full social media and search strategy for MARSHALL. My job is always to open the film as strongly as possible, by identifying, reaching and motivating key audiences. But this title was different than 'most movies,' so I tested new tactics that would help make a historical film carry relevance with modern moviegoers.

I made sure that we used extremely targeted audience pools to make sure that our money was spent efficiently and effectively, and paired it with informed and engaging creative. Our messaging had to make a story about a Supreme Court justice *pop* with everyday Americans. We did pretty well:

  • We ultimately accrued 16.6 MM total 'lifestyle' impressions via social;
  • Another 68,000 clicks via our Search campaign (not including organic search actions);
  • Between 30-35% average view rates (above industry avg);
  • 30 MM video impressions across platforms.

Twitter was the strongest performer for Marshall. It often saw view rates of 50% or higher for videos, and high completions rates as well. We also were able to tap into innovative audience builds, by targeting users of #DefendDACA and #TakeaKnee hashtags.

RAND Corporation: Social Media Communication

At RAND, I disseminated public policy research, briefs, external publications, op-eds and commentaries into shorter, 'consummable' social media posts, highlighting some of the salient points and making sure that our findings resonated with the larger public. We also had to make our social media output interesting enough to click, but never exaggerated, inaccurate, suggestive, or "click-baity." It was a tough tightrope to walk.

I also trained dozens of RAND researchers and a classful of Public Policy PhD students how to best use their own social media channels to dispense insight and expertise, and to build their own research brands in the process. My thought has always been that getting more informed, rational voices into the public sphere can help temper the conversation and improve the public discourse.

Over the course of my tenure, I helped my team:

  • Increase the engagement and traction of our organic posts by 25- 35%
  • Bring RAND above 100,000 followers on Twitter (1.5x faster growth);
  • Expand our research into the Medium platform (& a new audience);
  • Train almost 100 staffers, researchers, and policy students on maximizing their social media outreach potential.

I was proud to have left the RAND Corporation, and its policy analysts and experts, better positioned and stronger in the social space than they were when I arrived. And by training so many of them to communicate their findings to a broader audience, I hope that the whole digital team's work is expoentially greater now than before.

Lion's Heart Teen Volunteers: Search Optimization

Lion's Heart is a nonprofit organization that connects teens and their families to volunteer opportunities - helping them find the best way for them to give back to their communities. However, they cannot afford a full-time SEO/digital specialist, so I donated my services. I helped to:

  • Grow the base of teen volunteers by developing a GDN (Google Display Network) pilot program directed towards key cultivated audiences;
  • Improve the website's SEO to improve quality score, search ranking, and acquisition.
  • <
  • Doubled their monthly traffic and nearly maxed out their Google AdGrants funds (limited at $2 CPCs and $329/day), qualifying them for Google AdGrants Pro.

Comcast Cares Day Committee: Outreach

Comcast Cares Day is a corporation-wide volunteer event that partners with local communities. I took the lead on authoring our successful marketing strategy, as well as collaborating on the creation of publicity materials and the registration site UI, that doubled the participation rate over the previous year – and all prior years. I also composed and published social media content across several divisions (Universal Studios Hollywood, NBC Entertainment, and E!) that reached well over 100,000 people – a big victory for a community volunteering event.